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Wireless Internet

A wireless network can be a telecommunication network or a computer network that use radio wave signals for communication instead of physical layers. You can say this internet service is though satellites or companies own their boosters. First experiment of wireless network was done in university of Hawaii in 1971. This wireless network was names ALOHA net. Later in 1982 AMPS (advance mobile phone services) system was adopted in United States as a standard. After that many other countries developed their cellular networks, some countries follow the USA standard while some put their efforts in order to design their own network. Today’s GSM is widely used cellular network for communication. Verizon wireless is also a good example of a large local area network in USA.

Types Of Wireless Network
Wireless network is being used in many different forms. The first one is wireless LAN (local area network). Before the invention wireless technology the LAN was configured with cables. Now the most of the Local area networks are designed keeping in mind the the concept of wireless network. To establish a wireless network, wireless network card is attached with the system. In wireless LAN radio wave signals are used instead of wires to transmit data.

GSM (global system for mobiles) is a type of wireless networks. This wireless system is categorized in three different ways, base station system, switching system and support system. The mobile phones firstly connected with the base system, base system transfer this connection to support and then operation system, after this the cell phone is connected with the switching system. This is mostly adopted mobile wireless system and most of the mobile system providers are using this technique. Prepaid wireless connection is mostly used in the mobiles, where you have to pay in advance which you are going to used. Cingular wireless is the largest example in US.

While in computer system, for sharing, Wi-Fi system is used for wireless communication. Through Wi-Fi technology you can connect to the internet and other systems securely. The Wi-Fi system broadcast the radio wave signals, which can only be catch by a Wi-Fi receiver. This type of connection is satellite internet connections. Many wireless internet providers offer many packages; select which one is suitable to you.

Third most used type of wireless networks is fixed wireless data, in this network two or more buildings are connected to shared or extend the network with out any wire.Different types of wireless routers are also available for this purpose.

Advantages Of Wireless Network
Following are some real time advantages of wireless network

  • Installation of wireless network card is very easy.
  • Wireless network eliminate from massy cables network.
  • Wireless network is now faster, cheaper and secure.
  • You can use the wireless network any time, any where.
  • You can easily extend your network up to large number of computers by adding wireless network card.

Disadvantages Of Wireless Network
Some of the downfalls of wireless network are given below.

Any interference can block the radio signals, which can stop the transmission.

  • Any other wireless network using the same frequency can decrease the efficiency of the network.
  • Compatibility is a major issue, always have to use compatible devices with your wireless internet provider.
  • Video downloading and buffering is slower as compared to Ethernet cables.

Many other accessories are also using wireless technology like wireless speakers, keyboards, mouse and many other devices.

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