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Unix Web Hosting

In web hosting industry UNIX is most popular and widely used operating system. It is all because of the power, reliability of operating system and is inexpensive with resourcefully. UNIX web hosting is a great gift for companies from UNIX operating system. UNIX operating system was designed at Bell Labs and it is multi-user and multitasking operating system. From the beginning the UNIX operating system family is considering most reliable and popular operating system especially for network environment and cheap web hosting.
Why UNIX Web Hosting?
UNIX is an open source operating system, so many companies and universities continuously make changes in this operating system since from the beginning. Due to this reason many healthy changes are adopted in UNIX, which make this OS most favorable for cheap web hosting companies. Almost all the cheap website hosting companies give you the choice of different UNIX and Microsoft windows based hosting services. But most of the customers select UNIX hosting with out some specific reasons in which you can only use windows based hosting. After passing so many eras, UNIX is considered best operating system due to reliability and high performance. UNIX for the beginner is very difficult, but for a professional it is more interesting then any other operating system. UNIX is considering best for networking with multiple networking capabilities. UNIX is consider as a secure operating system, so the UNIX based hosting is also very secure as compared to other operating systems. Hackers and virus attack risk is minimum on UNIX based hosting companies. Most of the sites that are deigned in PHP, as PHP is a platform independent language and can be hosted at any platform, Companies mostly seek a Unix based PHP hosting for the sake of security purposes. So UNIX web hosting providers also offer PHP web hosting on rates.
UNIX And Linux Difference
As UNIX is a purely CLR language and the current age is of GUI (Graphical user interface). And there was a need of any UNIX based operating system that can provide GUI. In such situation a new operating system came up with the name of Linux. Linux is as efficient and secure as UNIX and is very easy for user interaction due to its Graphical Interfaces. As, for Linux based website, Linux hosting is required, Linux cheap web hosting Plans were made in the mean time and they were implemented soon. UNIX hosting providers started to provide Linux web hosting information and services at the same time.
Linux web hosting has all qualities of UNIX like efficiency, security and affordability. Today, Linux website hosting has become a fundamental need and is equally important as the UNIX web hosting is.

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