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Server Monitoring

Server monitoring is a concept similar to website monitoring but a bit more advanced, to include all aspects of a given server. Server monitoring allows the server owner or the server administrator to know the condition of the server at all times, makings rue that it is in good and working order and guaranteeing that it is known when a server goes down or out so that precautions can be taken to prevent it from happening again as well as correcting the situation.

Server monitoring software is normally used to monitor the server, as well as other environment monitor server monitoring tools; a series of codes are used to indicate the problem with the server, many of which internet users see each and every day on web pages.

For instance HTTP 404 or HTTP 400 are server errors that are indicated by the use of a server environment monitoring system. For a smaller server with less to compromise a person might actually be the one to monitor the server or operate the server rack from their workstation. For larger servers the software must do the trick, scanning every so often and making the server administrator aware of any outages, down times, or forbidden access.

When problems are found while the server is being monitored, the administrator must be notified; chances are that they re not the person sitting in front to of the computer being prompted with all of the HTTP Error codes, but they are notified. This can be done in a variety of ways, from email to text messages, short mail messages, fax transmissions and even snail mail if necessary.

There are free internet web server monitoring software packages available on the web; for more advanced or critical servers it is probably best to pay the extra money and obtain the real deal when it comes to software for constant server monitoring.

Many companies outsource their server monitoring to web and computer support companies, as it is a critical part of operating a successful business operation; there are a great many advantages to proper server monitoring even if it is only that response times will be much quicker on the company site, pleasing the customers even more and making them more and more interested in your company and what it has to offer. Keeping applications running smoothly and in working order and minimizing downtimes on sites are the main goals of server monitoring, although every company has its different reasons.

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