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Reverse DNS

Reverse DNS lookup is a method to track a website or owner of the website. You can run reverse DNS if are receiving spamming material through emails, for example. You simply capture the IP address of the person sending the spam to you and then run a DNS reverse lookup in order to find the right person. Most of the times, reverse DNS query will give you valuable information found in the registry tables, may be of some major cheap web hosting providers. Whois is the site that maintains the most accurate listing of all websites. You can use a Whois reverse DNS look up to find out the name of the site owner, contact number and possibly his or her address. A Whois reverse DNS look up also will also tell you the name of the web hosting company, which can be valuable clue for turning in the spammer or hacker and having the person diverted.
Some time reverse DNS look up does not always go as planned, however, so keep your hopes up until you know that you can find something. A reverse DNS search may results reverse DNS errors, for example. These errors could be due to very simple problem. In some cases, when DNS reverse lookup is not working, you may feel that you have reached a dead end; in fact you were trying to perform the lookup when the server was busy. You can try again in a couple of minutes; you will be able to get an answer. Another common reason for a reverse DNS lookup failure is that; the owner of the site paid to have a private registration. These people will pay the extra to remain anonymous, but you should still be able to find the cheap web hosting company of the site and try to report the problem that way.
There are few other problems exist with a DNS reverse look up. For instance, if you get a 451 bad DNS reverse error from server, that means that you are trying to connect with a web server but you do not have capability. Read the error carefully and try to fix the problem through proper channel. In addition to these basics, you could face some other issues with DNS lookups. For example, something throwing a RDNS or reverse DNS associates problem will redirect you to an explanation page. You may also encounter a Cpanel reverse DNS. You nee to look into each of the situation carefully in order to fix it. Remember that DNS issues can get complex, so take your time and be patient to get the solution.

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