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Non-Combustibility Apparatus (EN ISO 1182)

Model:Non-Combustibility Apparatus (EN ISO 1182)

Use:Evaluates the ignitability of the product.

Standard:EN ISO 1182, IMO FTPC Part 1, ASTM E2652

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Non-Combustibility Apparatus

EN ISO 1182; IMO FTP Code Part 1; ASTM E2652

The FTT EN ISO 1182 (IMO FTPC Part 1, ASTM E2652) system has been designed with significant new features. Rather than the traditional variac control, where it is possible to supply too high a current to the heater element during the heating cycle, FTT has automated this process by using modern electronics. The benefits of this system over traditional variac systems, which considerably extend the life of the furnace, are:

  • Soft start
  • Ramp rate
  • Power limit
  • Over temperature device

The FTT ISO 1182 apparatus consists of the following:

Special Tube Furnace
Manufactured from steel with a polished finish. This single zone furnace has a maximum operating temperature of 900°C. The furnace is easily replaceable during maintenance and servicing procedures. The furnace and stabilising cone are held in a frame which also includes the specimen holder support and viewing mirror.

Two furnaces are available - one which meets the requirements of ISO 1182:2020 where there are two furnace thermocouples and one which meets the previous version of ISO 1182 and other international standards (with only one furnace thermocouple).

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