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Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter

Model:Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter

Use:measuring the heat of combustion or calorific value of a material.

Standard:ISO 1716; ISO1928; ASTM D240; ASTM D4809; ASTM D5468; ASTM D5865; ASTM E711

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The  Bomb Calorimeter is an affordable high resolution isoperibolic temperature regulated oxygen bomb calorimeter with embedded control computer.

The bomb calorimeter is the most common device for measuring the heat of combustion or calorific value of a material. With this apparatus a test specimen of specified mass is burned under standardised conditions. The heat of combustion determined under these conditions is calculated on the basis of the observed temperature rise while taking account of heat loss. The combustion process is initiated inside an atmosphere of oxygen in a constant volume container, the bomb, which is a vessel built to withstand high pressures. It is immersed in a stirred water bath, and the whole device is the calorimeter vessel. The calorimeter vessel is also immersed in an outer water bath. The water temperature in the calorimeter vessel and that of the outer bath are both monitored.

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