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What is ICANN?
ICANN is a group stands for International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. It is a non-profit organization based in California. ICANN has an agreement with the United States government, through the Department of Commerce, to work on behalf of the US government as the overseer of the Internet. Is there any significance to the answer to “in what year was ICANN established?” There is some, in fact.
In What Year Was ICANN Founded?
ICANN was established in 1998. At the time the organization ICANN was replacing other groups that had done similar type of work. ICANN got a real time boost in 2006 when they signed official contract with the government of United States. So, though they were founded in 1998, one could argue that the real answer to the question “in what year was ICANN established” was 2006. In 1998, the dot com bust was just happening, and people were worried about the future of the Internet and how it would affect our society in future.
What Are the Responsibilities of ICANN?
Primary goal of ICANN in initial days was to manage the assignment of domain names. The ICANN root servers maintain the full listing and connection for all Internet sites that were purchased by different companies or individuals. They have information about the available domain names. In fact it needed in response to people who believed that the government should be able to do something about the proliferation of Internet sites. Since there is no Internet law authority, ICANN is the closest thing to supervising what goes on online
ICANN Members
ICANN is collection of a number of underlying groups. They were smaller in numbers and have different agendas, but they have come together to form a Board of Directors. Each of the group, which ICANN terms as the Supporting Organizations, designate someone to the board, and the board makes decisions related to domain name registration and assignment. When the board was full, there were six members.
 Is ICANN the Same as Whois?
  Some people confuse ICANN/Whois. These two groups are different. Whois serves as the public record of domain registrations, where any one can find the contacts of owners of domains and which web hosting services are they using. Anyone can go to the Whois website and look up information about a site. This information will include the name, phone number, hosting information and location of the company or person who purchased a URL. ICANN controls the regulations that govern Whois giving out this information, and ICANN has been working on the issue of privacy for a while now. The people who control ICANN have a stake in making sure the Internet continues to run smoothly with out any interruption.

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