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Domain Registrar

What is a domain registrar?
  A domain registrar is a domain name registration company has rights to process a domain registration, as now days most of cheap web hosting service providers are also offering domain names at cheap rates. These domain registrars are companies have their registration set up which allow users to select and purchase a URL. Most of the people consider domains registration companies like real estate broker. Internet is a one big space, and a domain is simply a property located within that space. Domain registrar charge yearly payments to the companies or individuals using certain space, means domain names, as every one have to renew their domain names every year by paying the registrar charges. If you are unhappy with the company you choose initially, you can switch your domain to some other registrar as well.
 Can You Find Free Domain Registrars?
 FFinding a completely free company is highly unlikely, but you can find companies offering domains name at cheap rates. Most of the top reputed domain registrations companies are charge almost similar rates, but it may vary from company to company. Before you go ahead with a really cheap domain name registrar, you should check out domain registrar reviews in order to make sure that the company has a good reputation in the Internet field. Most of Cheap web hosting providers and domain registrars typically provide the same service as they may be little expensive as you are being facilitated on the same plate form for both services. Before selection, just be sure about the rates while looking at the total service package and not going solely by the price of the domain registration.
 Can I Become a Domain Registrar?
  Any one can become a Domain Registrar. You just need to register with the appropriate Internet channels. Simply you can search for domain registrar information online. You should be sure that you select some company. Some of the companies will allow you to be their affiliated domain name registrar, through a very simple process. Then you need to create your own handle, URL so you could start selling properly. The process would be done by your parent company in both cases of your domain name registration of cheap web hosting business, but the visitors would not know that. In order to make your business successful in this competitive niche, you will have to come up with a good marketing campaign as well as good services to offer your customers especially customer and technical support.

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