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Internet did not discriminate based on how large and small is the entity you are running and for small and medium business will be able to compete entity to entity with a counterpart. This brings the excitement for the possibility, skim over fact on the availing of the enabled technology. The people who are involved in the large scale businesses enjoy this at their benefits because they are pretty much cost effective unlike cheap web hosting.
Some companies like Oracle and SAP, Germany allow providing these with their online capabilities. Traditionally, the small and medium scale business can not involve in to them cause of the high prices. They left out of reach. The perfect sense that creates is that these application service providers moved to the internet, charter plain is one of the good examples for such applications. So what would be happen for the small and medium level of companies that are unable to afford that much for domain hosting? This was also a great effect for the web development, since such vendors are allowed to use the services for their online presence that is based on the transaction volume that they are providing.
These small and medium scale businesses often found to stay online without any proper integrated solution or they can go with the cheap web hosting services. They have to store these inventory processes on a MS Excel spreadsheet. The less integrated the business support in this way left business web hosting with error. Another issue with them is to make the business profitable with the analysis at regular interval. This could also used as a better input and the non- integration for such business also leads to the company ability to find a good decision support.
This is the only reason why ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) becomes so popular and the development of the ERP was in such established way that it could reflects the overall business web hosting performance. This is the software that includes solutions like Accounting, Inventory control and sales force automation, E-Commerce, CRM, E- mail communication, Service, US Payroll, Reports and many more. Many other companiesí are providing the cheap web hosting services.

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